Act 3, Scene 4 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 3, Scene 4

Antony and Octavia enter in Athens. Anthony is speaking about Caesar; he says that not only has Caesar fought against him and against Pompey, he has also spoken badly of Antony to the public and not taken any opportunity to speak well of him. Octavia laments that she is caught between her brother and her husband and does not know who to pray for. Any prayer for Caesar would negate her prayers for Antony, and vice versa. Antony tells her to go with whichever man deserves her love the most, and tells her that he must fight to preserve his honor, for if he loses his honor he is no good for her anyway. He tells her he will wage a war against Caesar, and that she should make preparations to leave. He says that she will have to decide where this quarrel began and choose a side. They exit.

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