Act 3, Scene 2 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 3, Scene 2

Agrippa and Enobarbus enter in Rome. The business has been finished with Pompey, Pompey has left, and the triumvirs are settling matters. Enobarbus says that Lepidus has "greensickness," both referring to his hangover and his love for Caesar and Antony. Agrippa and Enobarbus make fun of how Lepidus praises Antony and Caesar, each one more lavishly than the other. They say farewell, but watch as Antony, Caesar, Lepidus, and Octavia enter. Caesar expresses his hope that this bond of marriage will cement their friendship, and Antony assures him that there was never any threat to fear concerning his loyalty. He wishes Caesar well, and Octavia begins to cry, telling Caesar to look after Antony; she then whispers in Caesar's ear. Antony remarks that she has such conflicting thoughts that she must whisper. Agrippa and Enobarbus comment on this, saying that Caesar looks like he might cry. Agrippa recalls the time when Antony found that Julius Caesar had been killed, and cried; he also cried when he found Brutus dead. Caesar assures Octavia he will not forget to think of her, and the three triumvirs say goodbye.

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