Act 3, Scene 1 Notes from Antony and Cleopatra

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Antony and Cleopatra Act 3, Scene 1

In the Middle East, Ventidius and Silius, two of Antony's followers, enter bearing the dead body of Pacorus. Pacorus was the son of Orodes, the king of Parthia, who murdered Marcus Crassus (part of the first triumvirate along with Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar). Pacorus's death is Ventidius's revenge for the treacherous act committed by his father. Silius encourages Ventidius to follow the rest of the fleeing Parthians so that Antony can promote him, but Ventidius replies that he does not want to draw attention to this act, for someone of his rank who outdoes his captain could offend him; he would rather not flaunt his success so that Antony does not take offense and demote him. He tells Silius he will humbly let Antony know of what has happened. Antony is on his way to Athens; Ventidius and Silius will meet him there.

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