Progress Report 4 Notes from Flowers for Algernon

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Flowers for Algernon Progress Report 4

Charlie undergoes further "crazy tests" to determine whether or not he is a suitable subject for the Beekman experiment. A Thematic Apperception Test requires Charlie to invent story lines based on pictures, but he fears he will be hit for telling lies about people whom he does not even know. Later, Burt Selden brings Charlie to the Psychology lab to conduct "spearmints," or experiments, and to run the "amazed," or maze. Burt introduces Charlie to Algernon, a white laboratory mouse who runs the maze quickly and successfully. Charlie races against the smart mouse ten times, and each time Algernon solves the maze first. Surprised by Algernon's ability, Charlie writes, "I dint know mice were so smart." PR 4, pg. 6

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