Progress Report 15 Notes from Flowers for Algernon

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Flowers for Algernon Progress Report 15

Charlie has made arrangements with the Welberg Foundation to conduct his own research at Beekman, and Professor Nemur feels slighted. Burt is happy to have Algernon back at the lab, but Algernon's forgetfulness and erratic behavior disturb him. Algernon has regressed. Charlie notices a freezer and an incinerator in the lab. He realizes that animal test subjects are disposed of when experiments fail. Charlie asks Burt to give Algernon to him if and when the mouse dies; he does not want Algernon merely to be disposed of in the incinerator. Algernon's fate makes Charlie think of his own: what previsions were made for him in the event that the experiment failed? Professor Nemur admits that, in the event of failure, Charlie would be sent to the Warren State Home.

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