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Anna Karenina Topic Tracking: City vs. Country

Book 1, Chapters 1-6

City vs. Country 1: Tolstoy never trusts urbanites like Stiva; rather, he finds morals and solace in the country. He favors Levin in every sense, because of Levin's background

Book 1, Chapters 7-15

City vs. Country 2: Countess Nordston is an upper class city woman whose major role is to serve as a satire the city.

Book 1, Chapters 16-22

City vs. Country 3: Levin is upset by Kitty's rejection, which occurs in the city. He heads back to his farm in the country to reshape his life.

Book 2, Chapters 4-11

City vs. Country 4: Just like Nordston, the Princess is designed to be a mocked urbanite.

Book 2, Chapters 12-17

City vs. Country 5: Levin hates city people like Stiva, who come to the country and make deals there while knowing little about how the countryside actually works. Levin gets angry when city people think their money can change the country.

Book 3, Chapters 4-6

City vs. Country 6: There is a good glimpse here into the tranquil country life of Levin. He is at peace with his work on the land and with the peasants.

Book 3, Chapters 12-23

City vs. Country 7: There is a contrast between Levin and Vronsky, and their major concerns. Vronsky's concern is his status and career, while Levin's is the emancipation of the serfs.

Book 6, Chapters 8-15

City vs. Country 8: Levin, Stiva and Veslovsky go on a hunting trip in the forest, and Levin again gets annoyed at the city dwellers for having little knowledge of the countryside and its elements. The three stop and spend the night at a peasant's home, where Stiva and Veslovsky each sleep with peasant women. Levin feels disgusted by the immorality of the act.

Book 8, Chapters 1-5

City vs. Country 9: City men support the Slavic cause, while country men, like Levin, do not.

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