Part 5, Chapters 1-6 Notes from Anna Karenina

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Anna Karenina Part 5, Chapters 1-6

These first chapters build up the relationship between Kitty and Levin. Levin goes to see a priest because Stiva tells him he needs to have a certificate of confession in order to be wholly married. Levin doesn't believe in God, but he goes to see the priest anyway. He confesses that his biggest sin is doubting the existence of God. The priest then asks him how he could doubt God when he (Levin) works so intently with the land, which is God's creation.

"'What doubt can you have of the Creator when you behold His creation?' the priest went on in the rapid customary jargon. 'Who has decked the heavenly firmament with its stars? Who has clothed the earth in its beauty? How could it be without the creator?' he said, looking inquiringly at Levin." Part 5, Chapter 1, pg. 463

Levin realizes that the priest makes some good points, but decides he still doesn't entirely believe in God. He decides it is Kitty's love which can help him find the faith he is missing.

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Tolstoy uses five chapters to detail the wedding, adding in bits of the vows, the prayers, the scenery, the gossip. He makes it clear that weddings, as they were intended, are very important in Russian society and should be given appropriate attention.

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