Part 2, Chapters 30-35 Notes from Anna Karenina

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Anna Karenina Part 2, Chapters 30-35

At the spa where Kitty goes to recover, she meets a girl named Varenka, whom she tries to emulate. Kitty likes the fact that Varenka spends her time taking care of the elderly. But Kitty soon realizes the work isn't cut out for her. She makes the acquaintance of an elderly couple, and the husband becomes all too fond of her. Kitty then decides she needs to concentrate on her own family and friends. She realizes, having watched Varenka, that an unmarried life can be a lonely life. She confirms in her head a desire to marry and have a family. This is a big step in her personal growth. Kitty is going through a taxing period and trying to achieve some sort of clarity. She is figuring herself out, day by day.

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