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Across Five Aprils Topic Tracking: Abraham Lincoln

Chapter 1

Abraham Lincoln 1: Jethro thinks about the time his father was hesitant to go along with the mob who insisted on hanging Travis Burdow. Eventually, Matt had dissuaded the men from killing the boy. He thinks that the President is similar to his father in the way that he is reluctant to support the war.

Chapter 4

Abraham Lincoln 2: Shad corrects Jethro when he calls the President "Ol'Abe." He wants Jethro to be more respectful by calling him "Mr. Lincoln." Jethro does not mean any disrespect, and thinks about other men who call the President far worse things. Shad tells him that he has faith and confidence in the President despite others' criticisms of him.

Chapter 9

Abraham Lincoln 3: Troubled by not knowing what to do about Eb who has deserted from the army, Jethro thinks about all the people he can consult. Finally, he decides upon Mr. Lincoln because he believes that the President will be understanding.

Abraham Lincoln 4: Mr. Lincoln writes Jethro a kind reply to his letter. He has decided that all deserters who report to certain places by a certain date will be pardoned and restored to their former posts. He writes that there might be much criticism about the decision he has made, but if he has made a mistake, he has made it on the side of mercy.

Chapter 11

Abraham Lincoln 5: Although Mr. Lincoln is criticized by some people after his Gettysburg address, Jethro feels love and admiration for the President.

Abraham Lincoln 6: When Mr. Lincoln declares a proclamation of amnesty, he is criticized by both the Northerners and the Southerners. The South criticize him for being tyrannical, and the North criticizes him for being treasonous.

Abraham Lincoln 7: Mr. Lincoln is nominated for reelection for presidency, but the prospect of his winning is doubtful. Ross Milton, however, is confident that President Lincoln will win again.

Abraham Lincoln 8: President Lincoln is reelected, and most of his votes are from soldiers. This comforts the President, but Jethro finds it disappointing that a majority of people from the President's hometown and home state have not voted for him.

Chapter 12

Abraham Lincoln 9: Many people in Jasper County place their hopes on Mr. Lincoln, and Ross Milton is one of them, hoping that the man will not let peace be a "mockery."

Abraham Lincoln 10: When the President is assassinated, Jethro is deeply saddened. It is the saddest April of the five he has seen during the war.

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