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Across Five Aprils Objects/Places

Jasper County, Illinois: Jasper County in southern Illinois is where the story takes place. During the war, most people in Jasper County support the Northern cause, but there are those who are secretly loyal to the South. When Cousin Wilse comes to visit, he tells the Creightons that people in Jasper County are 'southern folks,' closer to people in Missouri and Kentucky than to people up North in Chicago.

Newtown: Newtown which is 15 miles away from the Creighton cabin is the heart of the community where there are stores, offices, restaurants, and a jail. Compared to the quiet Creighton farmhouse, Newton is bustling and crowded. On one occasion, Jethro makes a trip to Newtown to run errands and buy supplies for the family.

Walnut Hill: Walnut Hill is where the family has buried the three children who died within a week from disease. Jethro used to go up to the hill to talk to the children as though they were his imaginary friends, but since Mary's death, he stops going.

Kentucky: Cousin Wilse Graham comes to visit the Creightons from Kentucky. On their last night together, Shad shows Jethro that the Confederate line begins from Eastern Kentucky.

Maps: Before going to the war, Shad teaches Jethro how to read maps, pointing out different dots that represent places and lines that represent rivers. After Shad leaves, Jethro occasionally examines maps to study how the war is progressing after different battles.

Milton's book on English usage: When Jethro meets Ross Milton in Newtown, the editor gives the boy a copy of a book he has written about correct English usage, encouraging Jethro to speak correctly. Jethro studies the book from time to time, pushing himself to improving his speaking. Later in the story when he writes Mr. Lincoln a letter asking for help, he consults Milton's book.

Copperhead: Some rash ruffians in the community think that the the Creightons are Copperheads because one of their sons, Bill, has gone to fight for the Southern Confederates.

Family Bible: Inside the cover of the family bible is where the names and the dates of birth, death, and wedding of every family member are written. When Tom dies, Jenny writes the date of his death, and when Jenny marries Shad, Jethro writes the date of her wedding by her name. The bible is a record of the family's history.

Point Prospect: As deserters flock in, Point Prospect becomes a campground for young soldiers who have fled the army. It becomes a dangerous place after the murder of the Hig Phillips.

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