Chapter 5 Notes from Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Chapter 5

Mollie often shirks work, and one day Clover confronts her and tells her that she saw her looking over the hedge dividing Animal Farm from Foxwood, talking to one of Pilkington's men and letting him stroke her nose. Mollie tries to deny it, gets upset and gallops off - Clover goes to Mollie's stall and finds some lump sugar and ribbons hidden under the straw. Three days later Mollie disappears and some pigeons later report seeing her harnessed to a cart outside a pub, being fed sugar by a fat red-faced man.

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It is decided that the pigs, because they are the cleverest, should decide all the farm policies, although their decisions have to be ratified by a majority vote - this causes some problems because of the rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon.

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Napoleon is very popular with the sheep, who take to bleating 'Four legs good, two legs bad' in the middle of all Snowball's important speeches.

Snowball decides that a certain knoll in the pasture would be the perfect spot for a windmill which would supply the farm with electric power. He uses some books that belonged to Mr. Jones to help him with the plans, which he starts drawing with chalk on the floor of a shed. All the animals are in awe of the plans, although they can't understand them, and go to look at them often - Napoleon visits once, looks at them, and urinates all over the plans to show his disdain.

Snowball believes it is important to finish the windmill and save labor, Napoleon believes it is more important to increase food production immediately; Napoleon believes the animals must find firearms and learn how to use them to defend themselves, Snowball believes it would be better to stir up rebellion on all the surrounding farms so that none of the farmers will be able to organize an attack against Animal Farm. The two cannot agree on anything.

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Snowball finishes the plans and at the next Meeting the windmill is to be put to the vote: Snowball makes a speech in favor, Napoleon utters a sentence or two against it, and Snowball then launches into a brilliant, eloquent appeal for the windmill. Napoleon suddenly lets out a strange high-pitched sound and nine huge, vicious dogs bound into the barn, head straight for Snowball and chase him off the property. It turns out that these are the nine young puppies Napoleon took away from their mothers.

Napoleon then announces that no more Meetings will be held, and a special committee of pigs under his leadership will decide all questions of how to run the farm. Some animals, particularly four young porkers, seem upset by this, but the dogs start growling and put an end to all discussion.

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Squealer later explains to the others than Napoleon is making a great sacrifice for them in taking on the burden of leadership, that Snowball was no better than a traitor, and that holding debates on Sunday mornings and failing to let Napoleon lead will bring Jones back. He says:

"No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?" Chapter 5, pp. 47-8

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Boxer adopts another personal motto in addition to "I will work harder" - "Napoleon is always right." Chapter 5, pg. 48

The animals continue to assemble in the barn on Sunday mornings to receive their orders for the week, hoist the flag and sing 'Beasts of England', but now there are no more debates.

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Napoleon announces that the windmill will, after all, be built. The animals are confused, but Squealer explains that the windmill was Napoleon's idea all along, stolen by Snowball.

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