Act 3, Scene 2: "Leonato's House?" Notes from Much Ado about Nothing

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Much Ado about Nothing Act 3, Scene 2: "Leonato's House?"

The Prince, Claudio, Benedick, and Leonato discuss the prince's visit in Leonato's house. Don Pedro tells them that he will remain in Messina until Claudio's wedding, after which he will return to Arragon. Benedick tells the men that he is changed. Don Pedro and Claudio tease him and question him until they realize that he is in love. They mockingly express shock at this sworn bachelor's new passion for a woman. Benedick leaves with Leonato to discuss Beatrice's betrothal.

Don John the Bastard comes onstage to tell Pedro and Claudio about Hero's supposed disloyalty. He tells them about Hero's affair with Borachio (which is all lies) and pretends to show feelings. They decide if John is correct about Hero's disloyalty, then Claudio and Don Pedro plan to disgrace her in public at the wedding the next morning. "If I see any thing to-night why I should not marry her to-morrow, in the congregation, where I should wed, there will I shame her" Act 3, Scene 2, lines 128-130.

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