Act 5, Scene 2: "Leonato's Orchard" Notes from Much Ado about Nothing

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Much Ado about Nothing Act 5, Scene 2: "Leonato's Orchard"

Benedick speaks with Margaret about her strong wit and about Beatrice. He wishes to speak with her. As Margaret gets Beatrice, Benedick tries to create a song/poem about love, but finds difficulty with rhyming. Beatrice comes into the orchard and the two lovers tease each other mercilessly about their love for one another. Benedick says, "Though and I are too wise to woo peaceably" Act 5, Scene 2, line 76. Beatrice asks if he challenged Claudio, to which he responds positively. Ursula runs into the orchard to tell Beatrice and Benedick of the recent news that Hero was falsely accused, Claudio and the prince abused, and Don John orchestrated the evil plot. Beatrice and Benedick run off to Leonato's house in joy to celebrate the news.

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