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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had the Downeys been causing trouble earlier in the evening?
(a) At the party.
(b) At the grocery store.
(c) At the movie theater.
(d) At the diner.

2. In Act 2, scene 6, who gives commentary on the narration?
(a) Della.
(b) Rudy.
(c) Joey.
(d) El Pachuco.

3. The scenes with the riots show what happens when the other side of what explodes?
(a) The race battle.
(b) The gang battle.
(c) The gang war.
(d) The social war.

4. Who beats up Henry when he tries to run down Rafas?
(a) The Sourtenos.
(b) The Nortenos.
(c) The Loopies.
(d) The Downeys.

5. In Act 1, scene 11, it is clear that the prosecution's questioning of Della is an attempt to do what?
(a) Set Henry and the others free.
(b) Put the guilty people in jail.
(c) Get to the truth of the matter.
(d) Railroad Henry and the others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sentence do Henry and the others receive?

2. In Joey's letters the audience is able to see he is falling in love with whom?

3. According to El Pachuco, what happens to a Mexican once he is in jail?

4. What does Alice do when Henry tells her he is dropping out of the appeal?

5. Della is the first witness called by whom?

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