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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the play begin with?
(a) An explanation.
(b) An action sequence.
(c) An epilogue.
(d) A prologue.

2. According to El Pachuco, what do people think Henry is?
(a) A smart man.
(b) A peaceful leader.
(c) A violent thug.
(d) A patient gang member.

3. How is a zoot suit cut?
(a) Large and baggy.
(b) Narrow and close-fitting.
(c) Loose and tailored.
(d) Slim and tight.

4. Before leaving, Alice reassures Henry that she believes what?
(a) That they will get a fair trial.
(b) That their lives will be better.
(c) In his innocence.
(d) In the fairness of the courts.

5. In Act 1, scene 8, Henry brags that no matter what happens he will do what?
(a) Be a pachuco for life.
(b) Come out on top.
(c) Stand up for the Chicano way of life.
(d) Join the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. When George Shearer meets the boys for the first time, he says he is a lawyer hired to do what?

2. How is the truth about what happened the night of the raid revealed?

3. Who observes the police raid in the barrio?

4. What do Rafas and Henry pull out during the fight?

5. What race is Tommy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the comparison the author draws between the war and the trial?

2. What are some of the differences between the first image the audience sees of the dance and the second time the dance scene appears?

3. What news does George give the boys when he visits them in jail?

4. What does El Pachuco tell Henry to do in order to survive solitary confinement?

5. What does El Pachuco say after the verdict is handed down?

6. What does the singing of El Pachuco suggest?

7. Why is Henry torn about trusting George and Alice?

8. What does El Pachuco do as the sailors leave the scene?

9. According to Della, why did the people at the party attack the pachucos?

10. What happens to get Henry thrown into solitary confinement?

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