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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry's mother not want him to wear to the dance?
(a) Gang colors.
(b) A t-shirt and jeans.
(c) A gang sweatshirt.
(d) A zoot suit.

2. Where does El Pachuco take the story at the end of Act 1, scene 8?
(a) To the courthouse.
(b) To the courtroom.
(c) To the newsroom.
(d) To the news station.

3. Who is Henry's girlfriend when Henry appears for the first time in the play?
(a) Della.
(b) Vella.
(c) Stella.
(d) Ella.

4. According to the Press, how many members of Henry's gang are arrested?
(a) Twenty-four.
(b) Twenty-two.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Twenty-three.

5. What era is El Pachuco's zoot suit from?
(a) The 20s.
(b) The 50s.
(c) The 70s.
(d) The 40s.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before leaving, Alice reassures Henry that she believes what?

2. What does Henry tell George when George convinces him to let him work for the boy?

3. Just because Tommy is integrated into the gang does not mean the gang trusts what?

4. What kind of cops are leading the investigation that Henry is involved in?

5. The tension is between the Chicanos and what other ethnic group?

Short Essay Questions

1. When George tells the boys he is leaving, what does he struggle to convince them?

2. What do the different endings presented about Henry's life symbolize?

3. What are some of the differences between the first image the audience sees of the dance and the second time the dance scene appears?

4. What does Smiley write in his letters?

5. What is the issue with the clothing for the boys before their trial?

6. What do the dual roles of the Press and Edwards suggest?

7. What happens after Della's testimony?

8. What does the story of Rudy being stripped of his zoot suit represent?

9. What does El Pachuco tell Henry to do in order to survive solitary confinement?

10. What are Della and Henry doing at the beginning of Della's story about the Sleepy Lagoon murders?

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