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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What good news does George have when he visits the boys after their trial?
(a) They have enough money in their defense fund.
(b) Care packages are coming.
(c) The appeal is progressing.
(d) They are being moved to a different location.

2. When the guard calls out their numbers, what do the boys call out?
(a) That they are present.
(b) Their names.
(c) Their numbers.
(d) Their cell numbers.

3. In Act 1, scene 11, it is clear that the prosecution's questioning of Della is an attempt to do what?
(a) Put the guilty people in jail.
(b) Get to the truth of the matter.
(c) Railroad Henry and the others.
(d) Set Henry and the others free.

4. Della is the first witness called by whom?
(a) The Prosecution.
(b) The judge.
(c) George.
(d) The Defense.

5. In Act 2, scene 6, who gives commentary on the narration?
(a) Joey.
(b) El Pachuco.
(c) Rudy.
(d) Della.

6. Every objection George makes during the trial is what?
(a) Thrown out.
(b) Granted.
(c) Denied.
(d) Allowed.

7. Where are Henry and his gang members in Act 2, scene 1?
(a) In prison.
(b) In a fire camp.
(c) In a work camp.
(d) In the courthouse.

8. El Pachuco's defiance at the end of Act 2, scene 6, shows that he is what?
(a) Persecuted.
(b) A true pachuco.
(c) An idiot.
(d) A Chicano.

9. How does Henry react to George and Alice's actions during the break in the court proceedings?
(a) He laments them.
(b) He accepts them.
(c) He mocks them.
(d) He rejects them.

10. At the end of Act 2, scene 5, El Pachuco takes the audience where?
(a) To the Injustice Riots.
(b) To the Pachuco Riots.
(c) To the Zoot Suit Riots.
(d) To the Chicano Riots.

11. Henry's confrontation with the guard and El Pachuco reveal the depth of his what?
(a) Pain.
(b) Humility.
(c) Stress.
(d) Anger.

12. In Act 1, scene 10, Henry and Della are strolling where?
(a) In a field.
(b) In the moonlight.
(c) On the beach.
(d) Down the town square.

13. The story of Henry at the party illustrates his desire to do what?
(a) Live the Chicano lifestyle.
(b) Have the American dream.
(c) Fit into American life.
(d) Have a family.

14. El Pachuco tells Henry that the only way to survive the darkness is to forget what?
(a) His family.
(b) The outside world.
(c) His ambitions.
(d) Della.

15. What element of the play is closed at the end of Act 1?
(a) The mystery of Sleepy Lagoon.
(b) The mystery of Sleepy Hollow.
(c) The mystery of Sleepy River.
(d) The mystery of Sleepy Cove.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Act 1, scene11, El Pachuco says that it is what?

2. What bad news does George have when he visits the boys after their trial?

3. What is the Jury doing when they go to make their decision in a case?

4. What do George and Alice try to do to Henry when the Judge declares a break in the court proceedings?

5. Henry loses his temper with El Pachuco and demands that El Pachuco do what?

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