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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act 1, scene 10, Henry and Della are strolling where?
(a) On the beach.
(b) Down the town square.
(c) In a field.
(d) In the moonlight.

2. What do George and Alice try to do to Henry when the Judge declares a break in the court proceedings?
(a) Comfort him.
(b) Get him to relax.
(c) Reassure him.
(d) Get him new clothes.

3. Where had the Downeys been causing trouble earlier in the evening?
(a) At the grocery store.
(b) At the diner.
(c) At the movie theater.
(d) At the party.

4. According to Della, what is the man's name who dies the night of the Sleepy Lagoon murder?
(a) Jose.
(b) Juan.
(c) Tomas.
(d) Carlos.

5. Henry asks Alice to pass along his love for whom?
(a) Della.
(b) His mother.
(c) His family.
(d) His brother.

6. How does Henry react to George and Alice's actions during the break in the court proceedings?
(a) He mocks them.
(b) He accepts them.
(c) He rejects them.
(d) He laments them.

7. How does Act 2 start?
(a) With the riots.
(b) With scene 1.
(c) With the families of the gang members.
(d) With a prologue.

8. According to El Pachuco, what happens to a Mexican once he is in jail?
(a) He fights in jail.
(b) He dies in jail.
(c) He stays in jail.
(d) He lives in jail.

9. The story of Henry at the party illustrates his desire to do what?
(a) Have a family.
(b) Have the American dream.
(c) Live the Chicano lifestyle.
(d) Fit into American life.

10. The Prosecution says Henry and his friends aren't only guilty of the crime, but are also guilty of what?
(a) Being a menace to society.
(b) Trying to destroy society.
(c) No belonging in society.
(d) Taking the money of whites.

11. After the verdict, George and Alice promise Henry that there will be what?
(a) A mis-trial.
(b) A reversal.
(c) An appeal.
(d) A re-trial.

12. In Act 2, scene 6, who gives commentary on the narration?
(a) Della.
(b) El Pachuco.
(c) Joey.
(d) Rudy.

13. What type of technique is used to make Henry's trial a joke?
(a) Aristotilian events.
(b) Ridicule.
(c) Confluence.
(d) Satire.

14. Della is the first witness called by whom?
(a) The Prosecution.
(b) George.
(c) The judge.
(d) The Defense.

15. El Pachuco's defiance at the end of Act 2, scene 6, suggests that clothes do not what?
(a) Separate people.
(b) Identify people.
(c) Make the man.
(d) Need rationing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Jury doing when they go to make their decision in a case?

2. In Act 2 Henry is confronted with the notion that he is what as both an individual and as a member of the Chicano community?

3. Where does the Judge order Della to go?

4. El Pachuco's defiance at the end of Act 2, scene 6, shows that he is what?

5. What sentence do Henry and the others receive?

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