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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does El Pachuco take the story at the end of Act 1, scene 8?
(a) To the courtroom.
(b) To the news station.
(c) To the newsroom.
(d) To the courthouse.

2. What is exploding at the beginning of Act 1, scene ii?
(a) Pipe bombs.
(b) Cars.
(c) People's tempers.
(d) Flashbulbs.

3. Before condemning the Chicano community, Edwards says he sees what type of potential in Henry?
(a) Academic.
(b) Scholastic.
(c) Powerful.
(d) Leadership.

4. Who represents the people who learn about life by reading about it?
(a) Alice and George.
(b) The Press.
(c) The policemen.
(d) The judge and the Press.

5. Alice and George represent well-meaning what?
(a) Intellectual rightists.
(b) Intellectual conservatives.
(c) Intellectual leftists.
(d) Intellectual social engagers.

6. What kind of cops are leading the investigation that Henry is involved in?
(a) Honest cops.
(b) Tough cops.
(c) Lazy cops.
(d) Hard-working cops.

7. When George Shearer meets the boys for the first time, he says he is a lawyer hired to do what?
(a) Protect the boys' parents.
(b) Represent the boys.
(c) Keep the boys out of jail.
(d) Protect the boys' gang.

8. When Henry starts listening to El Pachuco, it shows he is starting to act less in his own interests and more in the interests of what?
(a) His community.
(b) His gang.
(c) Others.
(d) His race.

9. What does Henry's mother send him in prison that he never receives?
(a) Money.
(b) A letter.
(c) A care package.
(d) Clean clothes.

10. According to El Pachuco, what era of the Chicanos wanted to live the powerful pachuco dream?
(a) 20s.
(b) 30s.
(c) 50s.
(d) 40s.

11. How is the truth about what happened the night of the raid revealed?
(a) Through an aside.
(b) In a narrative.
(c) In a soliloquy.
(d) Through flashbacks.

12. Why does El Pachuco think Henry's idea of fighting in the military is ridiculous?
(a) Because law enforcement don't like him.
(b) Because the country doesn't treat him like a proper citizen.
(c) Because he isn't allowed to vote.
(d) Because he isn't allowed to be a citizen.

13. In Act 1, scene 5, what do the questions from the Press hint at?
(a) A frame-up.
(b) Shoddy investigative work.
(c) Prejudice.
(d) Beatings.

14. How many parts are there in Act 1, scene iv?
(a) Four.
(b) Five.
(c) Three.
(d) Two.

15. Before leaving, Alice reassures Henry that she believes what?
(a) In the fairness of the courts.
(b) That their lives will be better.
(c) That they will get a fair trial.
(d) In his innocence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry's mother not want him to wear to the dance?

2. What does Henry believe the police will do to throw him in jail?

3. What is El Pachuco doing at the beginning of Act 1, scene 7?

4. What does the zoot suit take a lot of to make?

5. El Pachuco describes the "Pachuco" as part heroic what?

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