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1. How does El Pachuco describe himself in the first Act?

In the first act, El Pachuco describes himself as part mythic hero and part heroic joke, saying that it was the secret wish of every young Chicano in the Forties barrio to live the powerful pachuco dream.

2. What is the powerful pachuco dream?

The powerful pachuco dream is to be a proud and visible Chicano while fitting in with American culture and society.

3. What is happening during Act 1, scene 1?

In Act 1, scene 1 Henry, Della and other members of Henry's gang dance animatedly. Members of a rival gang, the Downeys, appear and watch, which causes tension.

4. In Act 1, scene 2, what does the character of the Press represent?

From this point in the play onwards, the character of the Press now represents all the press that would be at such events.

5. What does Lt. Edwards say about the mass lineup?

Lt. Edwards says there will be a mass lineup of young people suspected of various petty crimes and that anyone who has been a victim of such a crime is asked to come down and look.

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