Zoot Suit Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Adella - See Della Barrios.

Della Barrios - This character sports a mini-skirt and fingertip-length coat, and serves a jail term for being involved in a gang fight.

Alice Bloomfield - This character is a reporter for the Daily People's World newspaper and heads the campaign for the gang's release.

Judge F. W. Charles - This character conducts a biased case, overruling justified objections by the gang's lawyer and imposing unfair restrictions.

Cholo - This character is a young member of the gang and gets left behind after the arrests.

Downey Gang - This is a rival gang who go to the dance, start fights, and join in terrorizing the party at the Ranch.

Lieutenant Edwards - This character is a tough cop who tells the press he refuses to "mollycoddle these youngsters anymore" as he arrests the gang.

Guard - This character calls the gang greaseballs...

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