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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jerry tell him about the story?
(a) It is insubstantial.
(b) It is just for entertainment.
(c) It is indeed important.
(d) It is his favorite story.

2. What is important about animals, according to Jerry?
(a) They listen to people.
(b) Someone with difficulty communicating can talk to animals.
(c) They do not talk back.
(d) They are cute and cuddly.

3. Why does Jerry run upstairs?
(a) To have the dog follow him.
(b) To avoid the dog's wrath.
(c) To get more food for the dog.
(d) To find some dog toys.

4. Peter says that he is a responsible person and a ____________.
(a) Good man
(b) Grownup
(c) Husband
(d) Taxpayer

5. What does Peter do as he says he needs to be getting home soon?
(a) Yawns
(b) Gets up from the bench
(c) Puts away his book
(d) Looks at his watch

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jerry suddenly run at Peter?

2. Where was the dog waiting for Jerry after he bought the answer to #115?

3. What can Peter learn from a man who lives in a roominghouse on the West Side?

4. From where does Jerry come home?

5. What happened to the dog?

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