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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jerry say his landlady drinks in the afternoon?
(a) Lemon flavored gin
(b) Vodka
(c) Tea
(d) Beer

2. Where does Jerry walk to get to the zoo?
(a) Down 10th
(b) Up 21st Street
(c) Up 5th Avenue
(d) Over 12th

3. This character is in his early-forties and has a pressed and neat appearance:
(a) Neither
(b) Jerry
(c) Peter
(d) Both

4. What does Jerry ask Peter?
(a) What train he is taking home.
(b) What he has in his pockets.
(c) Where his wife works.
(d) What he does for a living and how much money he makes.

5. Where does the play open?
(a) In Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
(b) In 19th century Central Park in New York City.
(c) In the Versailles garden in France.
(d) In the present day in Central Park in New York City.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where will Peter learn about this information in question 7?

2. How does Peter respond to this reminder?

3. Jerry never sees ladies more than _______.

4. What does he think about the landlady?

5. Who did Jerry live with for most of his life?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jerry ask Peter about his family?

2. What does the landlady want Jerry to do for the dog?

3. Where is the dog waiting for Jerry when he arrives back at the rooming house?

4. What does Jerry do when he realizes he has upset Peter? How does Peter respond?

5. How does Jerry react to Peter's reaction?

6. What does Peter say when Jerry shares his fear as answered in #30?

7. What does Jerry tell Peter to do as he is listening to the story?

8. How does Jerry die?

9. What does Jerry do to Peter at this point in the play? What is Peter's reaction?

10. What happened to Jerry's mother eventually?

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