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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Peter doing when Jerry approaches him?
(a) Reading a book
(b) Eating lunch
(c) Nothing
(d) Napping

2. What else does Jerry want to know about Peter?
(a) Why he lives in New York City.
(b) Why his wife is not with him.
(c) Where he is coming from.
(d) Where his children are right now.

3. According to Jerry, what did Freud wear when he had cancer of the mouth and his jaw had to be removed?
(a) A prosthesis
(b) Nothing
(c) A bandage
(d) This didn't happen to Freud

4. What can Jerry not stand to do?
(a) Ignore her.
(b) Be far from this woman.
(c) Leave without say goodbye to her.
(d) Be near such a woman.

5. Who is fat, ugly, mean and stupid, according to Jerry?
(a) The dog
(b) His mom
(c) His landlady
(d) A neighbor

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Peter wonder nervously?

2. When Peter says that he can't express himself too well, he says that he's in publishing, not in __________.

3. To whom does the answer to #80 say that?

4. Who did Jerry live with for most of his life?

5. What does Jerry continuously ask Peter?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jerry feel when returning from a movie?

2. Describe the appearance of the dog that Jerry hates.

3. How does Peter feel as Jerry is speaking to him?

4. What does Jerry wonder about his trip to the park?

5. How does Peter respond after Jerry tells him he planned on killing the dog? Why does Peter respond this way?

6. What does Peter do as his job?

7. How does Jerry calm Peter?

8. What is the title of the long monologue that Jerry breaks out into?

9. What does Peter wonder about the picture frames? What is Jerry's response?

10. What is Jerry's explanation for how he has arrived at the park?

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