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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jerry buy for the dog?
(a) A new collar
(b) A bone
(c) A bag of hamburgers
(d) A poisoned treat

2. What does Jerry smile and do?
(a) Teases Peter numerous times.
(b) Hugs Peter numerous times.
(c) Tells Peter "sorry" numerous times.
(d) Thanks Peter numerous times.

3. Into what does Jerry urge Peter?
(a) A dance.
(b) A taxi.
(c) A car.
(d) A physical fight.

4. Jerry tells Peter, "You've lost your bench, but defended your __________."
(a) Honor
(b) Life
(c) Will
(d) Family

5. Jerry pokes Peter and tells him to do what?
(a) Tell him about his favorite animal
(b) Move over
(c) Get up
(d) Leave the park

6. What does Jerry tell the man at the hamburger place?
(a) Not to include the roll
(b) That he is going to kill a dog.
(c) To hurry up
(d) To put poison in the bun

7. What does the dog quickly devour?
(a) Jerry's finger.
(b) The bag of meat.
(c) Scraps of food found on the sidewalk.
(d) His dog food.

8. What does Peter do as he says he needs to be getting home soon?
(a) Yawns
(b) Looks at his watch
(c) Gets up from the bench
(d) Puts away his book

9. What does Peter threaten if Jerry doesn't leave?
(a) To hit him
(b) To call the police officer
(c) To sue him
(d) To kick him

10. What does Jerry share with Peter at the beginning of this section?
(a) The Story of Jerry and the Dog
(b) His lunch
(c) A secret
(d) Money

11. How does Peter end up scrunched on one side of the bench?
(a) More people sit on the bench.
(b) Jerry tilts the bench.
(c) Jerry pushes him over to the side.
(d) When Jerry continuously asks him to move over.

12. What does Peter have to say when Jerry is done telling his story?
(a) I don't understand
(b) That's sad
(c) What else happened?
(d) That's a lie

13. What does Jerry reveal about the dog?
(a) It is alive.
(b) It is permanently crippled.
(c) It is dead.
(d) It is at an animal hospital.

14. Peter is honest when Jerry asks him what he thinks of him. He says, "Well I must confess that this wasn't the kind of afternoon I'd ____________."
(a) Wanted
(b) Dreamed of
(c) Anticipated
(d) Like to repeat

15. How does the dog treat Jerry after everything that happened?
(a) With happiness
(b) With feigned indifference
(c) With respect
(d) With sadness

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Jerry explode?

2. What does Jerry consider the greatest city in the world?

3. What does Jerry tell him about the story?

4. Peter says that he is a responsible person and a ____________.

5. How does the play end?

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