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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fill in the blank: "But that was the jazz of a very special ______."
(a) Time
(b) Love
(c) Lust
(d) Hotel

2. How does the landlady act towards Jerry?
(a) She only talks to him when rent is due.
(b) She does not talk to him.
(c) She is understanding and sweet.
(d) She emits fumes and sexual lust towards him.

3. What is Peter doing when Jerry approaches him?
(a) Nothing
(b) Napping
(c) Eating lunch
(d) Reading a book

4. What does Jerry not like to do very much?
(a) Sit still.
(b) Keep quiet.
(c) Speak to people.
(d) Sit in the park.

5. If Peter has children, what is the gender?
(a) Peter doesn't have children
(b) Boys
(c) Girls
(d) One boy and one girl

6. What does Jerry blatantly tell Peter?
(a) About his wonderful parents.
(b) About his loving wife.
(c) About his worthless parents who are dead.
(d) About his children.

7. Where will Peter learn about this information in question 7?
(a) In the paper
(b) From a friend
(c) On TV
(d) From a police officer

8. Where does Jerry live?
(a) An apartment
(b) A single family home
(c) A brownstone rooming house.
(d) A townhouse

9. Where does Peter do this?
(a) At a large car dealership.
(b) At a small textbook publishing house.
(c) At a small private practice.
(d) At a large law firm.

10. What does Jerry presume about Peter?
(a) He is uncomfortable.
(b) He is trying to make sense of his words and actions.
(c) He wants to leave.
(d) He is nervous.

11. Where is Jerry's room in this building?
(a) The ground floor
(b) The basement
(c) The top floor
(d) The bottom floor

12. What does an uncomfortable Peter wonder about Jerry?
(a) Why Jerry lives in such a place.
(b) Why Jerry is in the park.
(c) Why Jerry is talking to him.
(d) Why Jerry lives in such a nice place.

13. The setting of trees and a single park bench is so simple. On what does the audience focus?
(a) The trees.
(b) The lighting.
(c) The dialogue and the actors.
(d) The bench.

14. What does Jerry want to know about the zoo?
(a) Its background.
(b) Its hours of operation.
(c) If it is a good zoo.
(d) How much it costs to enter.

15. Where is Peter sitting when Jerry finds him?
(a) On the grass
(b) In his car
(c) Outside his office
(d) On a park bench

Short Answer Questions

1. Jerry has two pictures frames. What's odd about this?

2. Where does Jerry find Peter?

3. How does Jerry say that his mom died?

4. When did Jerry's mom walk out on him?

5. What does Peter do to fill the space?

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