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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does Peter make each year?
(a) $100,000
(b) $18,000
(c) $20,000
(d) $50,000

2. Why does he feel this way?
(a) This stranger is asking him such personal questions.
(b) He does not like to listen to people talk about their lives.
(c) Jerry is doing so much talking.
(d) He enjoys Jerry's company.

3. What does Jerry begin?
(a) Another long monologue about the zoo.
(b) Another long monologue about living in New York.
(c) Another long monologue about a vacation he had taken.
(d) Another long monologue about his job.

4. How does Jerry quickly respond?
(a) With anger.
(b) With agitation.
(c) With inquisitiveness.
(d) With surprise.

5. What do each of Peter's daughters have?
(a) A favorite doll.
(b) Their own room.
(c) A parakeet encaged in her room.
(d) A hobby.

6. How does Jerry 'know' Peter's answer to the question about having more kids?
(a) The way he crosses his legs
(b) The way he moved
(c) He talked to Peter's wife
(d) The way he stared at other women

7. What does Jerry tell Peter he doesn't like to do?
(a) Walk on the street
(b) Try on clothes
(c) Speak to people
(d) Go to the zoo

8. How does Jerry look?
(a) More unkempt, disheveled and rugged.
(b) Wealthy and sophisticated.
(c) Shy and quiet.
(d) Reserved and classic-looking.

9. What does Peter's company work on?
(a) Patients
(b) Classrooms
(c) Textbooks
(d) Patents

10. How many stories does Jerry's building have?
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Four

11. What does Jerry ask Peter?
(a) Where his wife works.
(b) What he does for a living and how much money he makes.
(c) What train he is taking home.
(d) What he has in his pockets.

12. What does Peter do as Jerry is talking about his home and its contents?
(a) Reads
(b) Ignores him
(c) Walks away
(d) Stares at his shoes

13. From where did Jerry walk to get to the park?
(a) From the Met
(b) From the Stock Market
(c) From Grand Central
(d) From Washington Square

14. Peter says he has a considerable ___________ of taste.
(a) Confusion
(b) Catholicity
(c) Selection
(d) Limitation

15. How much money does Peter carry on him?
(a) No more than $400.
(b) No more than $40.
(c) No less than $40.
(d) No less than $400.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Peter says that he can't express himself too well, he says that he's in publishing, not in __________.

2. The setting of trees and a single park bench is so simple. On what does the audience focus?

3. What kind(s) of pet(s) does Peter's family have?

4. What does he think about the landlady?

5. Who wears tweeds and smokes a pipe?

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