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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jerry remind Peter about the zoo?
(a) He probably does not care about it.
(b) He probably wants to go there.
(c) He probably wants to know what happened there.
(d) He probably wants to see the animals.

2. What does Jerry begin to ask Peter?
(a) About the zoo.
(b) Where he is from.
(c) Why he is in the park.
(d) Why he is in New York.

3. Does Peter want to have more children in the future?
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) He's not sure.
(d) Maybe

4. What do each of Peter's daughters have?
(a) A favorite doll.
(b) Their own room.
(c) A hobby.
(d) A parakeet encaged in her room.

5. What is Peter increasingly becoming?
(a) Excited.
(b) Uncomfortable.
(c) Bored.
(d) Shy.

6. How many stories does Jerry's building have?
(a) Four
(b) Three
(c) One
(d) Two

7. What is Peter's title at his job?
(a) Executive
(b) Desk clerk
(c) Janitor
(d) Customer service rep

8. When Jerry talks about his dead parents, he describes them as a particular vaudeville act that is playing the ______ circuit now.
(a) Quiet
(b) Ninth
(c) Cloud
(d) Old

9. What does Jerry want to know about writers?
(a) What makes them want to write.
(b) What they like.
(c) What training you need to be a writer.
(d) How much money they make.

10. When Jerry was fifteen, what did he say that he was?
(a) A criminal
(b) A runaway
(c) A ladies man
(d) A homosexual

11. Why is Peter in shock about such people?
(a) They are more like him than he had thought.
(b) They exist in the world.
(c) There are many people like this.
(d) They are interesting.

12. What does he think about the landlady?
(a) She is lazy, ugly, cheap, and absolutely garbage.
(b) She is kind and patient.
(c) She is beautiful.
(d) She is somewhat annoying.

13. What is one of Jerry's walls made from?
(a) Oak
(b) Brick
(c) Beaverboard
(d) Cedar

14. What does Jerry pour out?
(a) A glass of milk.
(b) Information about his background.
(c) A string of contradictory emotions.
(d) Of a bar.

15. What does Jerry call that incident?
(a) A surprise.
(b) A shock.
(c) A middle-European joke.
(d) An accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jerry 'know' Peter's answer to the question about having more kids?

2. Jerry wonders if Peter has pets. How many does Peter say his family has?

3. What does Jerry wonder about Peter?

4. What does Jerry tell Peter about listening?

5. Where did Peter read about the situation referred to in question 31?

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