The Zoo Story Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where does the play The Zoo Story take place?

The Zoo Story takes place in Central Park, New York City, New York.

2. Describe Jerry and his appearance in the play.

Jerry is in his late-thirties, and is unkempt, disheveled, and rugged. He seems out of place taking to Peter.

3. Describe Peter and his appearance in the play.

Peter is in his early-forties, and is reserved and classic looking.

4. What does Jerry inform Peter he will learn all about in the papers?

Jerry talks to Peter at length about what Jerry saw at the zoo and how it will be in the newspapers.

5. What is Peter doing when Jerry approaches him in the park?

Peter is sitting on a bench, reading a book when Jerry comes up and starts talking to Peter.

6. What does Jerry wonder about his trip to the park?

Jerry wonders if he has been walking north or not.

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