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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 36-44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does a dumbstruck Peter wonder about the picture frames?
(a) Why they are empty.
(b) Who is in the pictures.
(c) How long he has known the people in the picture frames.
(d) Where he got the picture frames.

2. Where is the zoo?
(a) In another city
(b) Around 65th Street
(c) Around 10th Avenue
(d) Next door

3. For what does Jerry say that kids use pornographic cards as a substitute?
(a) Regular cards
(b) Beer
(c) A real experience
(d) Movies

4. Why does his mother walk out on his father when he was ten-and-a-half-years old?
(a) To sleep with many men in the southern United States.
(b) To protect her son.
(c) To get revenge on his father.
(d) To find a better life.

5. What does the landlady ask Jerry to do for the dog?
(a) Pray for it
(b) Put it out of its misery
(c) Take it to a vet
(d) Hold it

Short Answer Questions

1. What's the cross street that is to the right?

2. How does Jerry keep the landlady away?

3. What happens soon after he has done this to the dog?

4. How far does a person sometimes have to go?

5. What do each of Peter's daughters have?

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