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Pages 11-25

• Two men are talking in Central Park in New York.

• Jerry is in his late-30s, Peter is in his early-40s.

• Jerry continues to interrupt Peter as he is reading his book.

• Jerry talks about something big that happened at the zoo.

• Jerry asks personal questions.

• Peter is an executive at a small textbook publishing house.

• They exchange information about where Peter lives.

• The play opens in the present day in Central Park in New York City, as two men begin to converse.

• Jerry, a man in his late thirties, walks into the park, finds Peter, a man in his early forties and begins to ask him questions about the zoo.

• The two men have never previously met, but obviously come from different worlds. Jerry, more unkempt, disheveled and rugged, seems out of place speaking with Peter, a reserved and classic-looking gentleman on a park...

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