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Fool's Paradise - This is a place of seeming tranquility and peace. Appearances can be deceiving, however, and it quickly becomes boring.

Dreidel - This is a four-sided top. Each side is marked with a letter.

Hanukkah Money - This used as part of a game and was traditionally genuine but is now typically played with foil-wrapped chocolate.

Chelm - This is a village of fools ruled by Seven Elders, who are the greatest fools of all.

East Chelm - This is a small village of fools and does not have village Elders.

The Snow of Chelm - This is mistaken for a carpet of silver and gems.

Lemel's Gifts - These include a pearl-handled penknife, a silver Gulden, a jar of chicken fat, some freshly laid eggs, a duck, and a prized goldfish.

Shlemiel's Poison - This is really a pot of jam.

Hanukkah Candle -...

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