Zlateh the Goat Character Descriptions

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Kadish - This character is a somewhat wealthy merchant whose family lives in a large house and employs many servants.

Atzel - This character is young and described as being tall with black hair and black eyes; this character is lazy and wishes to be in paradise.

Aksah - This character is a young orphan who is tall with blue eyes and golden hair.

Grandmother Leah - This character tells the children a bedtime story before sending them off to bed and, in effect, becomes the narrator.

The Elders of Chelm - These are the greatest fools in a town of fools, and in a town of fools, the greatest fools are the rulers.

Gimpel the Errand Boy - This character is sent about the town to tell the people not to leave their houses and trample the silver snow.

The People of Chelm - These characters'...

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