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Fool's Paradise

• Kadish had a son named Atzel, and an adopted girl named Aksah.

• When they were children, Aksah and Atzel would pretend they were married, and everyone thought they would be.
• When Atzel grew up, he was very lazy and wished he were dead just so he could go to paradise where there was no work.

• He wished this so hard that he started to actually think and act as if he were dead. He stopped eating and talking.
• Kadish had doctors come and they all said he was not dead, but would be soon if he didn't start eating.

• Dr. Yoetz came and said he could heal Atzel in eight days. On the first day, he asked Kadish why he kept a dead boy in the house.
• When Kadish was told to plan a funeral, Atzel was happy and asked for food. Yoetz said he should...

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