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Zlata Filipović
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Filipovich was once told that what was the most wonderful time of your life?
(a) Graduating school.
(b) Childhood.
(c) Giving to others.
(d) Getting married.

2. How long did Filipovic's father stand in line for a UN Humanitarian package?
(a) Two hours.
(b) Eight hours.
(c) Four hours.
(d) One hour.

3. Why was crossing the bridge so dangerous?
(a) The bridge was unstable.
(b) Muggers attacked people.
(c) Snipers shot people crossing the bridge.
(d) Kidnappers preyed on innocent victims.

4. What was Filipovic's class going to attend at Skenderija Hall?
(a) A hockey game.
(b) A classical music concert.
(c) A rock concert.
(d) An iceskating performance.

5. What day of the week did Mirna plan on visiting at Filipovic's house?
(a) Sunday.
(b) Wednesday.
(c) Friday.
(d) Monday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the woman who helped at Filipovich's home when her mom was not feeling well?

2. Who did Filipovich give a necklace and bracelet to for her eighteenth birthday?

3. What did "RFI" stand for?

4. What clubs did Filipovich sign up for in August of 1992?

5. What was "our life" according to Filipovich on August 5, 1992?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Filipovic sad on November 25, 1992?

2. Describe Filipovic's grandparents reaction to see her four months after the war started.

3. Describe Filipovic's parents property in Crnotina.

4. What did Filipovic discuss as she walked across the bridge and around the post office on September 20, 1992?

5. What was "war" according to Filipovic?

6. How did the Filipovics find their apartment when a shell fell nearby?

7. How did Filipovic think people in the streets reacted to being in a war zone?

8. What did Melica say she heard at the hairdresser's?

9. What happened at the park on May 7, 1992?

10. What did Filipovic think about the kitten Cici?

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