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Zlata Filipović
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the General of the Yugoslav Army?
(a) General Grebo.
(b) General Tito.
(c) General Kukanjac.
(d) General Milic.

2. What did "RFI" stand for?
(a) Radio French Incorporated.
(b) Radio France Internationale.
(c) Redeem France Incorporated.
(d) Random Free Icecream.

3. What did Zlata get to discuss when returning to school?
(a) The war.
(b) The holiday on the seaside.
(c) The adventure of getting school supplies.
(d) The boredom of staying at home.

4. Why was crossing the bridge so dangerous?
(a) The bridge was unstable.
(b) Muggers attacked people.
(c) Kidnappers preyed on innocent victims.
(d) Snipers shot people crossing the bridge.

5. Who was going to publish Filipovich's diary?
(a) The Salvation Army.
(b) An American Publisher.
(d) The Red Cross.

Short Answer Questions

1. On June 5, 1992, what was becoming a big problem in Sarajevo?

2. What boutique was best known for knick-knacks?

3. What sport did Filipovic and her friends do at "Boza's Trail"?

4. Where did Filipovic's father search for wood?

5. On July 5, 1992, what did Filipovic wish she could do but was unable to because it was in the "dangerous room"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did FIlipovic and her father react when the marketplace was shelled and Filipovic's mother was nearby?

2. What were Filipovic's feelings on summer school in August of 1992?

3. Where did Filipovic and her friends spend their holidays?

4. Why was Filipovic's mother upset on May 13, 1992?

5. What did Melica say she heard at the hairdresser's?

6. How did Filipovic describe her life on June 29, 1992?

7. Describe Filipovic's parents property in Crnotina.

8. Who was the war hardest on according to Auntie Ivanka?

9. How did Filipovic think people in the streets reacted to being in a war zone?

10. Describe Filipovic's responsibilities during her mother's illness in February of 1992.

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