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Zlata Filipović
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Filipovic name her diary?
(a) Sefika.
(b) Mimmy.
(c) Sevala.
(d) Hikmeta.

2. What was the name of the street that had to shells explode in on May 27th, 1992?
(a) Dubrovnik Ave.
(b) Tito Street.
(c) Vaso Miskin Street.
(d) Main Street.

3. What did Filipovich's father find in the attic?
(a) An old wood-burning stove.
(b) A trunk for of family memories.
(c) Refugees from a neighboring village.
(d) A stockpile of weapons.

4. What did Filipovich treat herself to on July 2, 1992?
(a) Plums.
(b) Cherries.
(c) Oranges.
(d) Ice Cream.

5. What great symbol in Sarajevo burned up despite firefighters' effort to save it?
(a) Zetra Hall.
(b) The Capitol building.
(c) Filipovic's school.
(d) The UN headquarters.

6. Who was the General of the Yugoslav Army?
(a) General Kukanjac.
(b) General Milic.
(c) General Tito.
(d) General Grebo.

7. Why was crossing the bridge so dangerous?
(a) Snipers shot people crossing the bridge.
(b) Muggers attacked people.
(c) Kidnappers preyed on innocent victims.
(d) The bridge was unstable.

8. What clubs did Filipovich sign up for in August of 1992?
(a) Literature and drama club.
(b) Debate and drama club.
(c) Math and Science club.
(d) Science and debate club.

9. What did Mirna show Filipovich when she visited her house on October 14, 1992?
(a) The newest edition of Rolling Stone magazine.
(b) Fashion designs and her cat Cici.
(c) Fashion designs and her dog Gule.
(d) Her mom's photo album.

10. What did "RFI" stand for?
(a) Redeem France Incorporated.
(b) Random Free Icecream.
(c) Radio France Internationale.
(d) Radio French Incorporated.

11. Who was going to publish Filipovich's diary?
(a) The Salvation Army.
(c) The Red Cross.
(d) An American Publisher.

12. How long did Filipovic's father stand in line for a UN Humanitarian package?
(a) Two hours.
(b) One hour.
(c) Eight hours.
(d) Four hours.

13. How many days did Zlata finally celebrate her eleventh birthday?
(a) 10.
(b) 11.
(c) 5.
(d) 2.

14. What kept Filipovich company even though it was in the "dangerous room"?
(a) The view of the mountains.
(b) The radio.
(c) The notes from the piano.
(d) The television.

15. What entered the Bobars' sitting room on August 4, 1992?
(a) A soldier from the UN.
(b) A mouse.
(c) A shell.
(d) A bullet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who cut Filipovich's hair since all the hairdresser's shops were closed?

2. Who was killed by a shell that fell in front of the community center on September 15, 1992?

3. On July 5, 1992, what did Filipovic wish she could do but was unable to because it was in the "dangerous room"?

4. What kind of pictures did Filipovic paste in a notebook?

5. What did Filipovic's parents buy in large amounts once the gunfire stopped?

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