Daily Lessons for Teaching Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo

Zlata Filipović
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Daily Lessons

Objective: Pages 1 - 20 Before the War in Bosnia broke out, Zlata Filipovic lived a normal life. She was in the fifth grade and participated in music, tennis, and other activities. This lesson will focus on Zlata's life before the war that started in 1991.

1) Class Discussion: As summer came to a close, Filipovic was excited to see her friends and return to school. How would Filipovic's life change after the war started? What activities would Filipovic eventually take for granted? What activities did she participate in before the war? Who were Filipovic's friends? Where did Filipovic sometimes visit on weekends? Why would her friendships prove to be very important as the war began and continued?

2) Group Activity: Research and discuss what life was like in Bosnia before the war. Compare the research to the lifestyle of Filipovic before the war.

3) Individual Activity: Create a list of five things...

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