Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Zlata Filipović
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Chapter Abstracts

Pages 1 - 20

* Zlata Filipovic returned to school after not seeing her friends since the beginning of summer break.

* Filipovic and her friends shared stories about their summers.

* Filipovic continued to take piano and tennis lessons.

* Filipovic's family spent several weekends at their farm house in Crnotina.

* When the war began to breakout, Filipovic's father was called into the police reserves.

* Filipovic suggested the chances of war were nearly "impossible."

* War broke out in Dubrovnik where Srdjan, a family friend, lived.

* Filipovic was suffering from a sinus infection and eventually went to the doctor for antibiotics.

* The Filipovic family celebrated the traditional Christmas with a tree, decorations, and presents as the war loomed.

Pages 21 - 40

* Filipovic enjoyed American culture by watching MTV and American movies like Top Gun and The Witches of Eastwick.

* Filipovic described how going to Jahorina skiing and sledding brought up her spirits.

* Filipovic and her...

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