Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Character Descriptions

Robert M. Pirsig
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Character Descriptions

The Narrator - This character is a middle-aged man who has led an unusual life. He is brilliant, has studied Eastern and Western philosophy and spirituality, and is grounded in scientific thinking and technological understanding, too. He has served in the armed forces, been a university professor, and now writes technical documents for a living. He is preoccupied with thinking, and that trait reveals something unresolved in his personality. It prevents him from connecting to his life roles as fully as one might wish, particularly with respect to his role as a father. He has developed a unique perspective toward motorcycle maintenance, and riding cycles is one of his main hobbies. He embarks on this journey as a quest for some resolution to his ongoing life angst.

Phaedrus - This character is so driven to resolve the split between Classic and Romantic understanding that he has sacrificed...

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