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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Zeitoun think he is being arrested at first?
(a) He looked like a looter.
(b) He took military MREs.
(c) He didn't turn in his canoe.
(d) He disobeyed the evacuation orders.

2. What kind of bus is Zeitoun put on when he is taken to the Hunt Correctional Center?
(a) A military bus.
(b) A tour bus.
(c) A school bus.
(d) A greyhound bus.

3. Why do certain foreign mercenaries make Kathy nervous?
(a) Her husband looks Latin.
(b) Her husband has a warrant out.
(c) Her husband is Arab.
(d) Her husband always fights for the right.

4. What makes Zeitoun's children sad during the flood?
(a) They think their dogs died.
(b) They miss their father.
(c) Their school is destroyed.
(d) They know their house is ruined.

5. What does Kathy do on the floor with Nademah?
(a) Sings.
(b) Sleeps.
(c) Colors.
(d) Prays.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kathy think her husband might have been injured?

2. What kind of vehicle is Zeitoun and his friends put in after being arrested?

3. What is found in Nasser's bag when he is being processed?

4. How does Zeitoun treat his infection while he is arrested?

5. What are the men breaking into Zeitoun's house dressed in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What deal are the men in the cell with Zeitoun offered?

2. Who is Raleigh, and what problem does he have in helping Zeitoun?

3. How does Kathy see the damage to her house, and how does she respond?

4. What kind of medical symptoms does Zeitoun experience before he gets help?

5. What does Kathy do when she is not told where her husband's trial will be held?

6. What does Zeitoun feel guilty about while he is awaiting medical treatment?

7. What good news comes to Kathy after she learns her husband has been arrested?

8. What makes Kathy decide to put her kids in a school in Phoenix?

9. How does Kathy hear where her husband has been?

10. What causes the mayor to delay the reopening of the city?

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