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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zeitoun say the men breaking into house do not look like?
(a) Understanding.
(b) Helpful.
(c) Official.
(d) Dangerous.

2. Where does Nasser say he got what is found in his bag during processing?
(a) He took it from his office.
(b) It was on the street.
(c) He got it in an abandoned house.
(d) It is his.

3. How does Zeitoun treat his infection while he is arrested?
(a) He makes a poultice.
(b) He buys some disinfectant.
(c) He cuts it out.
(d) He prays.

4. What year does this take place in?
(a) 2005.
(b) 2004.
(c) 2006.
(d) 2003.

5. Why can't Zeitoun call Kathy at Yuko's house?
(a) His phone is dead.
(b) He doesn't have her number memorized.
(c) He is hand cuffed.
(d) He is afraid to tell others where she is.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where were mercenaries brought from that makes Kathy nervous?

2. How does Kathy feel about the family in Syria while her husband is missing?

3. What do the people breaking into Zeitoun's house demand to see?

4. Where does Ahmad want to fly to offer help?

5. What does Jerry do when he is arrested?

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