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New Orleans, LA

Zeitoun and his family live here after migrating.


This is the name of a Category 5 hurricane.

Zeitoun's Canoe

This is what the main character uses to be able to get food and water to stranded people and pets.

Zeitoun's House

This is located on Dart Street in New Orleans.

The Claiborne Property

It was here that some friends are arrested for looting and possession of stolen property.

Jableh, Syria

Zeitoun was born and raised here.

Baton Rouge, LA

Kathy is from here, and took her children there to stay with family after the evacuation order.

Phoenix, AZ

Kathy began to feel stressed staying at her brother's house, so she took the kids to stay at her friend Yuko's house here.

Hunt Correctional Center

This is where Zeitoun was taken after he was arrested on bogus charges of looting and possession of stolen property.

Camp Greyhound

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