Objects & Places from Zeitoun

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New Orleans, LA - Zeitoun and his family live here after migrating.

Katrina - This is the name of a Category 5 hurricane.

Zeitoun's Canoe - This is what the main character uses to be able to get food and water to stranded people and pets.

Zeitoun's House - This is located on Dart Street in New Orleans.

The Claiborne Property - It was here that some friends are arrested for looting and possession of stolen property.

Jableh, Syria - Zeitoun was born and raised here.

Baton Rouge, LA - Kathy is from here, and took her children there to stay with family after the evacuation order.

Phoenix, AZ - Kathy began to feel stressed staying at her brother's house, so she took the kids to stay at her friend Yuko's house here.

Hunt Correctional Center - This is where Zeitoun was taken after he was arrested on...

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