Zeitoun Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Abdulrahman Zeitoun - This character goes by his last name, as his first name is hard to pronounce, and made his way to America and settled in New Orleans.

Kathy Zeitoun - This character is the single mother of a two-year-old son when she meets the main character.

The Zeitoun Children - These characters are mixed from different sources.

Ahmad Zeitoun - This character fished for sardines as a child with his brother.

Adnan - This character helps his cousin's wife get him out of prison.

Yuko - This character introduces her friend to Islam.

Kathy's Family - This group was unhappy when the main character's wife converts to Islam.

Nasser Dayoob - This character joins the main character on his rounds in the canoe after the flood.

FEMA Soldiers - This group helped with the aftermath of Katrina.

Raleigh Ohlmeyer - This character is a lawyer...

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