Daily Lessons for Teaching Zami, a New Spelling of My Name

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Chapters 1 - 3 From the beginning of the book, the author makes it clear that the novel will serve as an autobiography of her journey. However, many can argue that this book is not simply an autobiographical account of the author, but rather the journey of all women who have searched for meaning and truth in their life. This lesson will discuss the nature of the autobiography.

1) 1. Group Activity: With such personal accounts from the start of the book, it becomes clear that the autobiographical tone will resonate throughout the book. Have the class split into groups of four and create a list of autobiographical traits found in the book thus far. After your group completes the list, have one member share your findings with the rest of class.

2. Class Debate: Have the class split into two groups and have each side argue whether the book appears...

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