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Carriacou Culture

Research the Carriacou culture, namely the women in this culture, and write a paragraph summarizing your findings.

Act Out a Scene

Split into groups of 2-4 people and act out your favorite scene from the book in front of the class.

Suicide Statistics

Research the suicide rate among African American lesbians over the last 50 years and note how this could have influenced the writing about the character Gennie in the book.

Bring in a Song

Bring in a song that reminds you of the book and write a short paragraph explaining your choice, extra points for bringing in a Grenadian song.


Research McCarthyism and write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing your findings and noting its impact in the book.

Pearl Harbor

Research the tragedy of Pearl Harbor and find a personal account of the impact this event had that is similar to the author's.

Bring in Art

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