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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ann play for Mr. Loomis?
(a) The guitar.
(b) Her trumpet.
(c) The piano.
(d) Her clarinet.

2. What does Loomis show Ann in one of her father's books?
(a) How to get gas out of the pumps manually.
(b) How to build a greenhouse.
(c) How to build a wind turbine.
(d) How to build a water wheel.

3. What is Ann's first impulse when the man yells for anyone?
(a) To send Faro down to him.
(b) To answer him.
(c) To get up to the cave.
(d) To shoot him.

4. Where does Ann take the cows and young bull?
(a) To the neighobor's farm.
(b) No where.
(c) To a far pasture.
(d) To the cave.

5. What does Ann think about in a flashback to right after the war?
(a) The radio going dead.
(b) Her father feeling ill and then dying.
(c) See a terrible flash of light and hearing the ground shake.
(d) Her family deciding to go out and check things again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seems to puzzle the man after he goes inside Ann's home?

2. What happens when Ann asks him about the person in question 63?

3. What was John Loomis' occupation?

4. What does Ann see when she goes and looks out of the boundaries of her valley?

5. What does Ann do later in the day without Loomis?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens that convinces Ann that the man knows nothing about farm life and what is her response?

2. What is the situation in the valley about the water supply?

3. What does Loomis say about his activities the night the war breaks out?

4. How does Ann become inspired to make a salad?

5. Why concerns Ann about the approaching stranger?

6. How does Loomis manage to survive on his long journey walking from New York?

7. What does Ann hear Loomis saying in his dreams and what does Ann think about what she hears?

8. Why does Ann think someone is coming to her valley?

9. Why does Ann bring Loomis into her home?

10. Why doesn't Ann think the arriving stranger is in a car and what does she think about what he is bringing?

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