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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ann fear about Loomis?
(a) He will want to get married.
(b) He will start trying to boss her around.
(c) He will leave.
(d) He might be getting delirious again.

2. What does Loomis' boss' invention do?
(a) Repels radiation.
(b) Eats radiation.
(c) Absorbs radiation.
(d) Detects a special type of radiation.

3. What inspires Ann to make a salad?
(a) A dream about a rabbit.
(b) Seeing an add in a magazine.
(c) A dream about her mother.
(d) Loomis talks about his salad garden.

4. What did Ann and her brother realize about Burden Creek?
(a) It could be use to generate electricity.
(b) It's flow changed.
(c) It is good water.
(d) It is poisoned.

5. How does Loomis get there from where he started?
(a) Walking.
(b) Car until he ran out of gas.
(c) Horseback until the horse dies.
(d) Bicycle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is another thing the visitor does soon after examining the green leaves of a tree?

2. Who returns to the valley?

3. What does Ann use to gather greens?

4. What does Loomis think the Creek water could do?

5. Why does Ann decide to keep the man in sight for the first two or more?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the man say possibly happened to Ann's family?

2. Why does Ann think someone is coming to her valley?

3. What does Ann decide to do to make cooking easier in the house?

4. What is the situation in the valley about the water supply?

5. What does the man do with his Geiger counter and then what terrible error does he make?

6. Why concerns Ann about the approaching stranger?

7. What does Ann worry about when she discovers that Faro has returned?

8. What does Ann hear Loomis saying in his dreams and what does Ann think about what she hears?

9. What does the man in the suit do when he finally arrives at Ann's house?

10. What does the approaching stranger do when he gets halfway across the flat part of the hill overlooking the green valley of Ann's home?

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