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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ann wonder about as far as her conflict with Loomis?
(a) If he would be open to a compromise.
(b) If he would start sleeping in his tent again.
(c) If he might kill her.
(d) If he would leave the valley.

2. Why does Ann change her approach to the farm?
(a) The blackberry thickets have grown in her usual path.
(b) Loomis is watching for her.
(c) She wants some variety in her life.
(d) Her usual path has eroded in the last heavy rain.

3. What does Loomis do at Ann's cave?
(a) Sits and waits for her.
(b) Leaves a note.
(c) He does not find the cave.
(d) Burns all her stuff.

4. What does Ann discover when she goes to start the tractor?
(a) No key.
(b) The battery is dead.
(c) The tire is flat.
(d) The gas tank is empty.

5. Why is Loomis angry when he wakes?
(a) He has bad dreams.
(b) He cannot find Ann.
(c) He thinks she is talking about his to someone.
(d) He thinks she is making too much noise.

6. What does Ann do after putting Loomis back in bed in the morning?
(a) Ties him to the bedposts to keep him from harming himself.
(b) Gets some paper for him to write on.
(c) Makes him some chicken soup.
(d) Takes his temperature again.

7. How high is Loomis' fever in Chapter 11?
(a) Too high for the thermometer to record.
(b) It has dropped to normal.
(c) It has gone down two degrees.
(d) It is holding at 103.

8. Why does Ann go to the farm the morning after Loomis searched for Ann in the store apartment?
(a) To try to steal the tractor key.
(b) To shoot him.
(c) To talk to him.
(d) To try to steal the padlock keys.

9. What does Ann decide to haul with the tractor?
(a) The wood stove.
(b) A large water feeding trough.
(c) A few tree logs.
(d) Some large blocks of concrete.

10. What does Ann do for Mr. Loomis?
(a) Puts him in a cool tub of water.
(b) Puts him in bed.
(c) Shaves him.
(d) Gives him antibiotics.

11. What does Ann do with what she finds?
(a) Puts it/them where the parents can locate them.
(b) Tries to feed it/them.
(c) Takes it/them home.
(d) Leaves it/them where she finds it/them.

12. Where does Ann move?
(a) No where.
(b) To the Klein's house.
(c) To the attic bedroom.
(d) To her cave.

13. Where does Loomis search for Ann?
(a) In the apartment above the store.
(b) In the Klein's home.
(c) In the lower pasture.
(d) At the cave.

14. Why does Ann accidentally hit Mr. Loomis in the face?
(a) He grabs her hand.
(b) She was trying to swat at a bee that lands on him.
(c) She was going after a fly.
(d) He gets up suddenly.

15. Why does Ann decide to kill one of the older hens?
(a) To show Loomis how to kill and pluck one.
(b) To celebrate her birthday.
(c) Because it is no longer producing.
(d) Some new chicks have been born.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ann do the morning after leaving the house during the night?

2. What does Ann feed Loomis that he is able to swallow?

3. What does Ann do later that night after playing the piano?

4. What makes Ann nervous as she is working in the corn field?

5. What does Loomis say about the fertilizer?

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