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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ann fear about Loomis?
(a) He might be getting delirious again.
(b) He will leave.
(c) He will want to get married.
(d) He will start trying to boss her around.

2. Who was to come to the lab where Loomis worked?
(a) A panel of judges for the Noble laureate committee.
(b) The President.
(c) The military.
(d) His children.

3. What did the man lay on top of his cart?
(a) A gun.
(b) An oxygen tank.
(c) A dog biscuit.
(d) Another Geiger counter.

4. For what is Loomis searching?
(a) His parents.
(b) Survivors.
(c) His young son and daughter.
(d) His wife.

5. Why doesn't Ann use the tractor?
(a) It is too big for the size of garden she is making.
(b) She needs gas.
(c) She does not know how to get it running.
(d) It has flat tires.

6. About what was Ann correct, much to Loomis' dismay?
(a) The tractor being unrepairable.
(b) The garden being about as big as she could handle.
(c) The gas pumps being inoperative.
(d) The radiation levels in the Creek.

7. Where is the man?
(a) In his tent unconscious.
(b) Gathering eggs.
(c) Swimming in the pond.
(d) Gone.

8. What does Loomis say about the night the bombs fall?
(a) He was on his way to pick up his children.
(b) He and his wife were talking on the phone when it goes dead.
(c) He is alone in the lab.
(d) He and seven others were in the lab when the bombs fell.

9. How long are Ann's parents and brother gone when they go out?
(a) They never return.
(b) Several days.
(c) Just a few hours.
(d) A month.

10. What was the most noticeable thing about the man after he walks back to his cart?
(a) He was very pale.
(b) He has sores all over his face.
(c) He was very old.
(d) He was heavily tanned.

11. What does the man do at the pond?
(a) Takes a reading with some kind of instrument.
(b) Goes fishing.
(c) Puts a chemical in the water.
(d) Bathes.

12. What is another thing the visitor does soon after examining the green leaves of a tree?
(a) He checks the tree and area with a Geiger counter.
(b) He climbs the tree to reach the fruit.
(c) He shoots his rifle into the air.
(d) He plants an American flag in the soil by the tree.

13. What does Ann decide to do about safety?
(a) She will hide all the guns in the cave.
(b) She won't swim alone.
(c) She will hide from whoever is coming towards the valley.
(d) She will rig up an alram system.

14. Who goes with Ann to gather the greens?
(a) Loomis.
(b) The young bull.
(c) Faro.
(d) A barn cat.

15. About what does Ann worry?
(a) The man will leave right away.
(b) The man will eat all the chickens and there will be none left to reproduce.
(c) She should have warned the man about Burden Creek.
(d) The man will kill one of the cows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man set up in the front yard?

2. Where is Loomis from?

3. Whom does the man feed?

4. What had the team just completed before the war?

5. What does Loomis' boss' invention do?

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