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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Ann tell Loomis?
(a) Her secret diary.
(b) Her cellar with lots of canned goods.
(c) Her radio that is still working.
(d) Her family.

2. Of what is the man afraid?
(a) He does not say why he is afraid.
(b) He will die from radiation poisoning.
(c) Ann will make him leave.
(d) They will not be able to live through the winter on short provisions.

3. What does Ann hope?
(a) Faro will not show up.
(b) The calf will keep the cow from getting uncomfortable with too much milk.
(c) The Creek is no longer radioactive.
(d) The cows will be too skittish to get near the man.

4. Why does Ann begin recording the events of her day?
(a) Her mother asks her to do so just before her mother dies.
(b) She cannot remember the details otherwise.
(c) Her father appoints her as the historian.
(d) Her teacher at school suggests it is a good thing to do.

5. Where has Ann been on the morning of the opening of the book?
(a) The doctor's office.
(b) Church.
(c) School.
(d) In the hayloft.

6. What does Ann think Faro will do?
(a) Become friends with the man.
(b) Lead the man to her location.
(c) Run away again since there is a stranger at the house.
(d) Bite the man.

7. What is the man wearing who arrives in Ann's sight?
(a) A strange plastic suit.
(b) A business suit.
(c) A military uniform.
(d) Coveralls.

8. What does Ann fear about Loomis?
(a) He will start trying to boss her around.
(b) He might be getting delirious again.
(c) He will want to get married.
(d) He will leave.

9. What does the visitor do when he first arrives over a hill and sees the green valley?
(a) He drops to his knees and prays.
(b) He sobs hysterically.
(c) He runs forward waving his arms.
(d) He stands and stares for a few minutes.

10. What does Ann decide to do about safety?
(a) She will rig up an alram system.
(b) She won't swim alone.
(c) She will hide from whoever is coming towards the valley.
(d) She will hide all the guns in the cave.

11. What was the most noticeable thing about the man after he walks back to his cart?
(a) He was very pale.
(b) He was very old.
(c) He was heavily tanned.
(d) He has sores all over his face.

12. What does Ann think about in a flashback to right after the war?
(a) See a terrible flash of light and hearing the ground shake.
(b) Her father feeling ill and then dying.
(c) Her family deciding to go out and check things again.
(d) The radio going dead.

13. Why doesn't Ann use the tractor?
(a) She needs gas.
(b) She does not know how to get it running.
(c) It is too big for the size of garden she is making.
(d) It has flat tires.

14. Where does Ann take the cows and young bull?
(a) To the cave.
(b) To the neighobor's farm.
(c) No where.
(d) To a far pasture.

15. What does Ann smell as she is gathering greens?
(a) Crabapple blossoms.
(b) Wild onions.
(c) Dandelions.
(d) Pear blossoms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man notice in Burden Creek?

2. What bothers Ann about the man and her chickens?

3. In what month does the book open?

4. What is Ann's first impulse when the man yells for anyone?

5. With what information does the book open in the first sentence?

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