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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is the man afraid?
(a) He does not say why he is afraid.
(b) He will die from radiation poisoning.
(c) Ann will make him leave.
(d) They will not be able to live through the winter on short provisions.

2. What did Ann and her brother realize about Burden Creek?
(a) It is good water.
(b) It could be use to generate electricity.
(c) It is poisoned.
(d) It's flow changed.

3. What does Loomis' boss' invention do?
(a) Absorbs radiation.
(b) Detects a special type of radiation.
(c) Eats radiation.
(d) Repels radiation.

4. What animal ran off after Ann's family went exploring?
(a) The horse.
(b) The donkey.
(c) The dog.
(d) The cat.

5. What does Ann see when she goes and looks out of the boundaries of her valley?
(a) A valley about 40 miles away that has signs of life.
(b) Lots of animals but no people.
(c) Smoke in three different directions.
(d) Everything is dead.

6. Why does Ann begin recording the events of her day?
(a) Her father appoints her as the historian.
(b) She cannot remember the details otherwise.
(c) Her teacher at school suggests it is a good thing to do.
(d) Her mother asks her to do so just before her mother dies.

7. About how far is Claypole Ridge?
(a) Over 50 miles away.
(b) 32 miles.
(c) 15 miles.
(d) 2 miles.

8. Who is Dr. Kylmer?
(a) A man who worked with Edward.
(b) Loomis' best friend.
(c) A man who invented a special radiation counter.
(d) Loomis' brother-in-law.

9. What does Ann do to the chickens before hiding out?
(a) Puts them in small wire cages and takes them to the cave.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Chases them out of their fenced in area.
(d) Kills them.

10. After four days, what does Loomis' temperature mean?
(a) He has the worse form of radiation.
(b) He will get sicker, but will most likely survive.
(c) He is still in the interim period.
(d) He is pretty much cured.

11. What is Loomis doing when Ann returns home?
(a) Cutting firewood.
(b) Playing the piano.
(c) Checking the radiation levels of the Creek.
(d) Writing out instructions for a windmill.

12. What does Ann worry about if the stranger is still here in winter?
(a) Surviving winter in a cave.
(b) Having enough wood.
(c) Sharing a house with a stranger.
(d) Having enough food if feeding two.

13. What doesn't Ann think the man is in a car?
(a) She thinks he is probably driving a car.
(b) It would be too radioactive.
(c) It would be bringing him there faster.
(d) It would run out of gas.

14. What does Ann hope?
(a) The Creek is no longer radioactive.
(b) The calf will keep the cow from getting uncomfortable with too much milk.
(c) The cows will be too skittish to get near the man.
(d) Faro will not show up.

15. What did the man lay on top of his cart?
(a) Another Geiger counter.
(b) A gun.
(c) An oxygen tank.
(d) A dog biscuit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man notice in Burden Creek?

2. What does Ann use to gather greens?

3. What does Ann observe as she sits in her cave at night?

4. What set of reading material does Ann give Loomis?

5. From where is the pond fed?

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