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Suit - Made of a plastic that resists radiation.

Wagon - This is covered in the same plastic that resists radiation.

Piano - Ann plays this several times for Mr. Loomis.

Oven - Ann moves this into the house because it does not need electricity or gas.

Famous Short Stories of England and America - Ann's favorite book.

The Farm Mechanic - A series of books Ann gives to Mr. Loomis.

Cows - Ann hopes to use these for milk and fertilizer.

Chickens - Ann uses these both for eggs and meat.

Church - Ann goes here regularly to leave flowers and pray.

Store - Ann gets food and supplies from here.

Cave - Ann hides here when Mr. Loomis first arrives in the valley and later when she feels living with him places her in danger.

Burden Valley - A valley in Pennsylvania where Ann lives...

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