Z for Zachariah Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapters 1-2

1. With what information does the book open in the first sentence?
(a) The cows are acting strangely.
(b) Someone is coming.
(c) There was a nuclear holocaust.
(d) Ann and her family are alone in the valley.

2. Where has Ann been on the morning of the opening of the book?
(a) Church.
(b) School.
(c) In the hayloft.
(d) The doctor's office.

3. How does Ann know what she states in the opening sentence?
(a) Someone has been shooting a rifle.
(b) The dog herds the cows home who kick at Ann.
(c) They heard the news on the radio.
(d) She sees smoke.

4. About how far is Claypole Ridge?
(a) 15 miles.
(b) 32 miles.
(c) Over 50 miles away.
(d) 2 miles.

5. When Ann's father returns from scouting the first time he went out, what does he report finding?
(a) Only a few have died around a 50 mile radius of their place.
(b) He never returned from his scouting expedition.
(c) Lots of dead bodies.
(d) Some areas still have a few people.

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