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Joe Dominguez
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For Question 3 under what circumstance would one enter a minus sign on the chart?
(a) If that expense category will most likely be reduced after retirement.
(b) If the expense category does not fit with values.
(c) If the expense category will most likely cease after retirement.
(d) If monthly expenses exceed monthly income.

2. According to many Americans, what is considered a sin?
(a) Just sitting around and enjoying life.
(b) Buying low, selling high.
(c) Working too much.
(d) Spending too much.

3. Under which category does money paid to employ servants and service workers fall?
(a) Keeping up with the neighbors.
(b) More is better.
(c) Cultural.
(d) Work-related expense.

4. Prestige, status, and power can be reasons for what?
(a) Keeping up with the neighbors.
(b) Choosing a certain job.
(c) Retaining life energy.
(d) Early retirement.

5. The charts shown in the book for single people and couples are meant to be used how?
(a) As tax records.
(b) As inspiration.
(c) As a family budget.
(d) As strict guides.

Short Answer Questions

1. What have many people been told by parents and guidance counselors?

2. What determines mastery of Step 3?

3. A person's crossover point is an estimate based on which type of expenses?

4. What three columns should record-keeping include?

5. What is Step 8 of the program?

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