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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Carson, Bill's roommate was always doing what?

2. With what does Will say his late brother was obsessed?

3. Where does Will threaten to move the family?

4. What does Will say about Bill's job?

5. What does Clara tell Lily Dale at the top of this scene?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Will say he started off at Sunshine Produce?

2. When does Will say he discovered his heart condition?

3. What does Will tell Carson about Houston?

4. How does Will claim to have gotten Ted's dad to vote Republican for the first time?

5. Why is Will short of breath at the beginning of the play?

6. Describe Will's late son.

7. Why does Tom come by?

8. Who does Will say he is at heart?

9. How does Lily Dale say she knew for sure the young man was lying?

10. Why does will say he thinks the banks of Houston are running disappointment clubs?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Bill in THE YOUNG MAN FROM ATLANTA? How is his death connected to the action of the play? How does Lily Dale's relationship with his memory change over the course of the play? How does Will's?

Essay Topic 2

In the first scene of THE YOUNG MAN FROM ATLANTA, Will tells Tom that he is "a natural born competitor," that "nothing fires [him] up like a competition." Write an essay demonstrating how the theme of competition shapes the story of the play. How does it influence Will's actions? What about Ted's? What about the young man from Atlanta's?

Essay Topic 3

Great mystery surrounds Bill's signing over of his father's checks to the young man from Atlanta. Why do you think Bill gave his roommate all the money his father sent him? Build a case using specific examples from the play.

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