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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lily Dale tell Will she's been?
(a) Speaking to the young man from Atlanta.
(b) Getting her hair done.
(c) Visiting with Ted.
(d) Window shopping downtown.

2. What does Will say his meeting at the bank was?
(a) A courtesy call.
(b) An abysmal failure.
(c) A huge success.
(d) An elaborate ruse.

3. What does Will say after he tells Lily Dale the meeting at the bank was just a courtesy thing?
(a) Will says he's back in the game.
(b) Will says he feels like dying.
(c) Will says he feels younger than ever.
(d) Will says he's lost his spirit.

4. What is the only other time Lily Dale claims to have deceived Will?
(a) When Will went to New York to visit his cousin.
(b) When Will went to Atlanta with Pete.
(c) When Will went to Chicago on a business trip.
(d) When Will was sick ten years ago.

5. Why does Lily Dale say she has stopped seeing Mary Cunningham?
(a) Mary claims Lily Dale slept with one of the young men.
(b) Mary claims Lily Dale stole her makeup.
(c) Mary claims Lily Dale is a liar.
(d) Mary claims Pete tried to hit on her once.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lily Dale say she gave the young man money behind Will's back?

2. Who is standing in the drive when Lily Dale pulls her car out?

3. How does Etta Doris survive now that she can't work?

4. What color does Etta Doris say Bill's hair was?

5. How does Lily Dale propose to help out financially?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Will say to Carson and Pete about the way he has been treating his wife?

2. What does Clara find out for Lily Dale about the Disappointment Clubs?

3. What new "blow" does Pete deliver to Will?

4. Why does Will refuse to go outside and speak to the young man from Atlanta?

5. What is Pete's attitude toward education?

6. What confession does Will make to Lily Dale after he tells her about the courtesy call at the bank?

7. Why does Lily Dale no longer see Mary Cunningham?

8. What is the rest of the Mary Cunningham story?

9. How does Will feel about his conversation with Ted, Jr. once he gets home?

10. What does Carson say about the photograph of Bill that Lily Dale and Will have?

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