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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What new information does Lily Dale tell Will about about the night in question with Mary?
(a) The two of them went to a hotel with the men.
(b) The men they picked up were actually women.
(c) The two of them picked the men up while they were driving down Main Street.
(d) The two of them kissed with the men.

2. What does the young man from Atlanta say about Carson's allegations?
(a) The young man says he has never even heard of Carson.
(b) The young man says Carson is hiding something.
(c) The young man says Carson is a spy.
(d) The young man says Carson is jealous of him.

3. What does Pete tell Will about the money?
(a) Pete says all of the money has been spent.
(b) Pete says Will can have all of the money.
(c) Pete says he has already committed ten thousand of his savings, but Will is welcome to the rest.
(d) Pete says Lily Dale gave his savings to the young man from Atlanta.

4. What color does Etta Doris say Bill's hair was?
(a) Red.
(b) Orange.
(c) Brown.
(d) Blonde.

5. What does Pete say his wife would do for him even after she became sick?
(a) She would drive Pete to work.
(b) She would dance for Pete.
(c) She would make Pete's bed.
(d) She would fix Pete breakfast.

6. What is Pete now in favor of despite a lifetime of opposition to it?
(a) Liberalism.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Education.
(d) Homosexuality.

7. What does Carson say when Will asks if they will be seeing the young man again?
(a) "Definitely."
(b) "Might be."
(c) "Over my dead body."
(d) "Never."

8. What does Pete decide to do after talking with Carson about Atlanta?
(a) Pete decides to write a letter to his relatives.
(b) Pete decides he is ready to die.
(c) Pete decides to slip away to Atlanta for a few days.
(d) Pete decides to throw Carson out.

9. What kind of grades does Etta Doris say Bill made?
(a) Poor grades.
(b) Good grades.
(c) Average grades.
(d) Mixed grades.

10. What time is Pete leaving for Atlanta?
(a) Seven o'clock.
(b) Five o'clock.
(c) Four o'clock.
(d) Six o'clock.

11. How long will Pete stay in Atlanta?
(a) Three or four days.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Two or three days.
(d) Seven days.

12. Upon discovering Lily Dale has gone downtown, what does Will guess she is doing?
(a) Getting ice cream.
(b) Giving money to the young man from Atlanta.
(c) Getting her hair done.
(d) Going to church.

13. What does Will say he lied to Lily Dale about?
(a) Why he hates the young man from Atlanta.
(b) How Bill spent the money he sent him.
(c) What he was doing in Chicago.
(d) How he was fired firing.

14. What is the first thing Will says to Etta Doris?
(a) Will tells her to get out.
(b) Will says he doesn't remember her.
(c) Will says, "welcome home!"
(d) Will says he's thrilled to see her.

15. How does Will excuse himself from his meeting with Etta Doris?
(a) Will says he is feeling tired.
(b) Will says he is dizzy.
(c) Will says Etta Doris is boring him to tears.
(d) Will says he is feeling nauseous.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Lily Dale say Etta Doris worked for them?

2. Pete is loaning $5,000 to whom?

3. Etta Doris mistakes Pete for whom?

4. What does Will ask Pete for?

5. Why does Will call Tom?

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