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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why hasn't Lily Dale gone near the piano since Bill died?
(a) It seems too significant.
(b) It seems too emotional.
(c) It seems too frivolous.
(d) It seems too cruel.

2. How does Will justify the immense cost of his new house?
(a) Will believes his family deserves the best of everything.
(b) Will says he can't take it with him.
(c) Will paid for the house with an inheritance from his father.
(d) Will believes he's about to get very lucky in the market.

3. The young man from Atlanta tells Lily Dale that Bill was like a what to him?
(a) A father.
(b) A brother.
(c) A nephew.
(d) A son.

4. What does Will ask Lily Dale for?
(a) Will asks her for the money he's given her for Easter.
(b) Will asks Lily Dale to move to Atlanta for a little while.
(c) Will asks her for the money he's given her for Christmas.
(d) Will asks her to start teaching piano again.

5. What is Will's attitude about the New Deal?
(a) Will has never heard of the New Deal.
(b) Will thinks it's bad.
(c) Will has no opinion about the New Deal.
(d) Will thinks it's great.

6. What kind of person does Will feel he is at heart?
(a) A simple man.
(b) A pathetic man.
(c) An extravagant man.
(d) A great man.

7. How does Will say Bill came back to them after being a bombardier?
(a) Without a left leg.
(b) Without his vision.
(c) Without a scratch.
(d) Without a right arm.

8. How does Will say his wife's brother lost his second son?
(a) In a boating accident.
(b) In an air raid over Germany.
(c) He joined a cult.
(d) To alcoholism.

9. Who does Clara say will take care of Lily Dale?
(a) God.
(b) Etta Doris.
(c) Clara.
(d) Pete.

10. What does Carson say when Pete asks him about Bill's becoming religious?
(a) Carson says he went to church with Bill every Sunday.
(b) Carson says he thinks Bill was a fool.
(c) Carson says it's the first he's heard about it.
(d) Carson says Bill's praying used to drive him crazy.

11. What is Will going to do now that he's fired?
(a) Will is going to move to Atlanta.
(b) Will is going to start his own company.
(c) Will is going to kill himself.
(d) Will is going to tuck his tail and hide.

12. What does Will say the young man from Atlanta's relationship to Bill is?
(a) Will says the young man is Bill's former racquetball partner.
(b) Will says the young man is Bill's lover.
(c) Will says the young man is Bill's former roommate.
(d) Will says the young man is Bill's cousin.

13. According to Lily Dale how did Allie's husband kill himself?
(a) By hanging.
(b) By poison.
(c) By immolation.
(d) By drowning.

14. What's Susette's "burden"?
(a) Two of her children are not quite right.
(b) Her husband left her penniless.
(c) She has polio.
(d) One of her children is a pyromaniac.

15. What's the name of Carson's younger sister?
(a) Vivian.
(b) Margueritte.
(c) Susette.
(d) Jessica.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Will, what is the largest city in the South?

2. How old does Will say he was when he went to work for Sunshine?

3. Where does Will say Ted is more frequently than he is in the office?

4. How does Allie Temple kill herself?

5. What does Sam Curtis say to Will about the young man from Atlanta?

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