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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Pete believe in God?
(a) Not since he was orphaned.
(b) Not since his wife died.
(c) Yes.
(d) Never in his life.

2. What does Will say the young man from Atlanta is?
(a) A fine upstanding man.
(b) An okay guy.
(c) A swindler.
(d) A bum.

3. What does Will say he thinks is the cause of his sour mood?
(a) He hasn't eaten.
(b) He lost his job.
(c) He had a disgusting dinner.
(d) He's tired.

4. What does Lily Dale say Bill would ask her the minute he got home for Christmas?
(a) Bill would ask, "When's dinner?"
(b) Bill would ask what new pieces Lily Dale had composed.
(c) Bill would ask for money.
(d) Bill would ask to say a prayer.

5. What does Lily Dale say when Will tells her who his replacement is at Sunshine Produce?
(a) Lily Dale says Tom should be ashamed of himself.
(b) Lily Dale says Will hired and trained Tom.
(c) Lily Dale says she can't believe Tom would accept the position.
(d) Lily Dale says she will go speak to Ted about promoting Tom.

6. How does Will sleep, according to Lily Dale?
(a) Will does not sleep.
(b) Will sleeps the whole night through.
(c) Will tosses and turns all night long.
(d) Will sleep walks.

7. What's Susette's "burden"?
(a) She has polio.
(b) Her husband left her penniless.
(c) Two of her children are not quite right.
(d) One of her children is a pyromaniac.

8. How does Will say the company weathered the Depression?
(a) With flying colors.
(b) Very poorly.
(c) With moderate success.
(d) Will says the company just stayed afloat.

9. What does the young man from Atlanta tell Lily Dale Bill had become before the drowning?
(a) Very religious.
(b) Very easy going.
(c) Very drunk.
(d) Very easily angered.

10. What does Carson say when Pete asks him about Bill's becoming religious?
(a) Carson says he went to church with Bill every Sunday.
(b) Carson says Bill's praying used to drive him crazy.
(c) Carson says he thinks Bill was a fool.
(d) Carson says it's the first he's heard about it.

11. According to Lily Dale how did Allie's husband kill himself?
(a) By drowning.
(b) By poison.
(c) By immolation.
(d) By hanging.

12. What does Will do with the check Tom left him?
(a) Will deposits it.
(b) Will tears it up.
(c) Will gives it to the young man from Atlanta.
(d) Will gives it to Pete.

13. Nothing fires Will up like what?
(a) Hard work.
(b) Beautiful women.
(c) Competition.
(d) Fine cars.

14. How does Will say his wife's brother lost his second son?
(a) He joined a cult.
(b) In a boating accident.
(c) To alcoholism.
(d) In an air raid over Germany.

15. What does Pete tell Lily Dale about her financial situation?
(a) Pete says Will and Lily Dale will certainly pull out of it.
(b) Pete says Will and Lily Dale are in very bad shape.
(c) Pete says Will is making their troubles out to be worse than they actually are.
(d) Pete says he and Lily Dale's mother had to contend with worse conditions.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Will say Bill died?

2. Where does Will threaten to move the family?

3. How does Allie Temple kill herself?

4. What does Lily Dale say she wishes Bill could see?

5. Carson brings along a picture of who?

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