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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Willa Thornton's religious beliefs?
(a) She is a Baptist.
(b) She is a Catholic.
(c) She is a Methodist.
(d) She is an atheist.

2. How many times does Tom say he met Bill?
(a) Tom never met Bill.
(b) Three times.
(c) One time.
(d) Two times.

3. How does Will justify the immense cost of his new house?
(a) Will paid for the house with an inheritance from his father.
(b) Will says he can't take it with him.
(c) Will believes his family deserves the best of everything.
(d) Will believes he's about to get very lucky in the market.

4. What does Will say about his family's financial situation after his father died?
(a) Will says they came into money from Aunt Mary.
(b) Will says they were dirt poor.
(c) Will says they had "some" money.
(d) Will says they inherited a great deal of money from his father's life insurance policy.

5. Where does Will discover the young man from Atlanta is staying?
(a) In the upstairs bedroom of the Kidder house.
(b) At the Atlanta YMCA.
(c) At the Houston YMCA.
(d) Down the street from the Kidders.

6. What does Will say he thinks is the cause of his sour mood?
(a) He lost his job.
(b) He had a disgusting dinner.
(c) He hasn't eaten.
(d) He's tired.

7. What does Clara ask when Lily Dale says she is a nervous wreck?
(a) "Would you like some peach cobbler?"
(b) "Would you like some more coffee?"
(c) "Where's your stress ball?"
(d) "Where's your Christian faith?"

8. Who does Will say is the only person in whom he can confide?
(a) Tom.
(b) Lily Dale.
(c) Mr. Davenport.
(d) The young man from Atlanta.

9. What's the name of Carson's oldest sister?
(a) Margueritte.
(b) Susette.
(c) Jessica.
(d) Vivian.

10. What does Will say when Lily Dale tells him the young man from Atlanta's story?
(a) "I want a divorce."
(b) "I can't believe you lied to me!"
(c) "Bull."
(d) "Well, now I've heard everything."

11. How does Will say his wife's brother lost his second son?
(a) To alcoholism.
(b) In a boating accident.
(c) He joined a cult.
(d) In an air raid over Germany.

12. What does Will ask Pete to give him?
(a) His car.
(b) His prayers.
(c) His duplex.
(d) His life savings.

13. Where does Will threaten to move the family?
(a) To Mexico.
(b) To a tourist court.
(c) To the streets of Houston.
(d) To Atlanta.

14. Why does Lily Dale call the doctor?
(a) She goes into labor.
(b) Will has heart trouble.
(c) The young man from Atlanta shows up on the doorstep bleeding.
(d) Pete has heart trouble.

15. What does Will tell Lily Dale to tell the young man from Atlanta if he calls again?
(a) That the young man should send money.
(b) That the young man should come over some night for dinner.
(c) That the Kidders want nothing more to do with him.
(d) That the young man should be ashamed for killing Bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old does Will say Bill was when he died?

2. How does Will say Bill died?

3. In what year does the play begin?

4. Who calls Will while he's talking to Tom?

5. What are Will's religious beliefs?

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