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Lesson 1 (from Scene 1)


As the lights come up, the audience discovers Will Kidder and Tom Jackson in the office together at Sunshine Southern Wholesale Grocery. The relationship between these two men strongly influences the events that follow. This lesson will examine the relationship between Will and Tom.


1) Partner Discussion: How does the relationship between Will and Tom feel during their first few exchanges? How does it evolve over the course of the scene? How is the relationship Foote establishes between these men significant to the rest of the story? Write down your best ideas.

2) Class Discussion: Share the partner findings with the whole class. As a class, delve more deeply into the relationship between Tom and Will. What qualities does each possess that the other lacks? What do they seem to represent to one another?

3) Group Experiment: Divide into groups of fours. Within the groups of four divide...

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